About ABM

Linkedin Head ShotabmCreative is me—artist and writer Xristopher Bland. I come from a long line of painters, musicians, woodworkers, machinists and other creative folk. So I guess I come from a long line of alchemists.

I formally began freelance graphic design and visual arts in 2015. Prior to that, drawing and image manipulation had been a hobby going back to childhood. In 2014, I decided to explore visual arts more seriously and began six months of full-time Digital Media studies at Conestoga College. People seemed to enjoy my style of visual art. So in April of 2015, I began producing freelance graphics and visual art for individuals and companies.

The name ABM first appeared in 1991. Founded by Vi Bland (my mother) to publish the award-winning arts and entertainment magazine Mosaic, ABM also offered a range of design and editorial services until 2010, when ownership of Mosaic passed to the Ginger Press. In 2012, my mother passed away, leaving me the ABM name. To reflect the service aspect of what I do and what ABM had been building alongside Mosaic, I tweaked the name to abmCreative and proudly fly that name today in honor of family and the woman who inspired me to become the person I am today.

Overall, I think my skills and experience combine well in a world where words and images stand alone yet intertwine.

My writing life began a long time ago in a land called the 1980s. Although I’ve written just about everything in my career, my experience (both full-time and freelance) mainly lies in entertainment journalism, business writing and copywriting.

A few portfolio names you may recognize:

· TV Guide Canada
· Starlight Music Chronicles
· The Co-operators
· Canadian Living
· Mosaic
· Optimal Health Products
· Mother Parkers
· The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
· Morguard
· Today’s Parent
· Satellite Entertainment Guide
· Starweek
· Dogs in Canada
· Versa Food Services

Along the way, I won a few awards, chatted on the radio and was even quoted on a national TV commercial. So that was fun and very nice of people.

I also wrote, published and distributed the critically acclaimed indie humor magazine Xrisville (2010 – 2014).

I believe there are only five things you need to know to have a successful life:

1. Be yourself. The rest are just details.

2. For as many times as you’ve believed you’ve been wrong, you may have been wrong about that too.

3. Don’t overthink things.

4. Laugh more.

5. Your definition of “success” is all the qualification you’ll ever need.







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