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As a professional copywriter, I’ve had the pleasure of creating content for many top brands. I’ve also enjoyed working with/learning from some of the best writers and thinkers in marketing, including:

Direct-marketing B2C copywriting experience: VSLs (long- and short-form), LFSLs (including ClickBank and Facebook advertorials), promotional videos for social media, soap opera-series emails, re-engagement emails, upsells, landing pages, brand-advocate emails, e-books (sales and content), lead magnets, checkout pages, product descriptions, review offers, health articles, pre-sell and exit-POP content, product labelling and brochures, SMS messages and much more.

Media Production: Scriptwriting, storyboards, narration, VSL slides, graphics and video production.

Samples of My Work:



Customer Voicemail

Radio Ad/Video Soundtrack Demos

For all Radio Ad/Video Soundtrack recordings, visit abmCreative on SoundCloud.




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