The MeadowJade

edwardian-theatre-xristopher-bland-abm-creative-servicesYou catch it sometimes… a glimmer at the corner of your eye… and sometimes it’s just a trick of the light. However, other times it’s the MeadowJade, one of the characters featured in my Half-World art video due next March.

This image is from a short video trailer I’ll be releasing shortly as a follow-up to the first Half-World trailer. Created to emulate a small Edwardian theater, the image involves multiple Photoshop layers that will be saved out as two (a front and back image) to sandwich different poster images in the middle. This way, I’ll be able to slide images in and out while the foreground and background remain static, thus giving the illusion of posters “magically” changing within the rectangular picture frame set on the stage.

The overall idea behind an Edwardian theater was a “coming attractions”-type show, telling people that Theatre Xrisville and its Half-World show is headed to town.


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