Just Realized I Forgot My BIG REVEAL!

abm-creative-ad-starlight-music-chronicles-xristopher-bland-digital-artSome months ago, I gave a sneak peek of an abmCreative ad I’d produced for the spring issue of Starlight Music Chronicles. When the issue was put on hold, I forgot to get back around to uploading the final imagine. So here it is—the BIG REVEAL! (And cue the dramatic drum roll.)  🙂

I’m really proud of this one. While I used a few photographic elements, the piece is mostly layered hand-drawn art set with original textures and tweaked with colors and shading in Photoshop.

The individual drawings took about a month, and blending everything into the final image took about the same amount time.


3 thoughts on “Just Realized I Forgot My BIG REVEAL!

      • Your work is awesome and speaks volumes and I can see it being used in so many different theatres and mediums of art! It so sits up there with Hipgnosis’ work, the guy who did the Yes albums and Barry Godber who designed the first King Crimson album!


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