Happy Halloween!

halloween-abm-creative-services-xristopher-blandHave you had enough of crazy killer zombies and psychopathic clowns on Halloween?

Don’t get me wrong. I like a good killer clown as much as the next person. (I suppose I’m specifically referencing Heath Ledger here as The Joker.) Yet I’ve always been more attached to the otherworldly magic and mystery of Halloween, which rolls into town each autumn like some travelling carnival. So I thought I’d wish everyone a Happy Halloween this year by creating a carnival poster that captures my general feeling toward the season.

I began with a basic close-up shot of my face, and tried to keep a blank but slightly mysterious expression like those held by Cirque characters. Next, I overlaid cutaway shots of my cat Majyn, then started blending textures, colors and dozens of other elements in Photoshop before tossing it into Illustrator. With the exception of the border elements (which are stock), all elements are original.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


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