Do You Remember Being Wild?

the-wildboy-xristopher-bland-abm-creative-3Do you remember running wild and free as a kid… perhaps through some summer meadow… or just down the street? Do you remember the day when you stopped… because it was “dangerous”… or “foolish”… and you had to get “serious” about your life? Do you also remember the feeling of leaving something behind?

I think that’s where the Wildboy comes from… or, Wildgirl… or pan or sprite… or whatever you like to call wild spirit. And there are those who say, “Oh there’s no such things as wildboys. If there were… well, where are they? Why can’t we actually find one?” And the answer to that is simple: When you look for the wildboy, you can’t find him—because in that moment of looking, you ARE the wildboy. The only question becomes whether to run back to the meadows and greenwoods where your spirit is always waiting for you.

Please note: “The Wildboy” is a preview of “Theatre Xrisville,” an art-music-video project coming soon. Subscribe to this blog to make sure you don’t miss any details.


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