The Genie (Another Theatre X Sneak Peek)

The Genie Poster abm creative xristopher bland xrisville 2Do you ever wish you could find a magic lamp and have some genie make all your wishes come true?

I think we all seek such lamps in the form of lottery tickets and other such things we believe will erase all borders and throw open the fullness of possibility. So in this second sneak peek at Theatre Xrisville (an art-music-circus experience in the works but headed your way soon), I thought I’d again emulate a style of circus poster from the 1920s, when people also dreamed of genies and went looking for them, and in the process, journeyed through the exotic wilds of self-discovery to a place where the real genie has always protected and embodied a great truth—that in seeking lamps, we really seek ourselves. In each wish we make, we make it of ourselves, and each of us have always had all the power we’ve ever needed to make our dreams come true. It’s just a question of believing in ourselves. That makes us our own lamps. That’s why the genie remains, and that’s why the genie is a featured character in Theatre Xrisville.

I’ll keep everyone posted as the show rolls closer to town. Until then, here’s to all your wishes and the lamp that is you.


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