The Escapist (Theatre X Sneak Peek)

The Escapist - abm creative - xristopher bland 3Do you dream of escaping from it all? Some crappy job? Your social responsibilities? The frustrations of a disability? Just your fears? I think we all dream of escape from time to time. It usually manifests as self-distraction, and today it could be argued that escape is easy through technology and its ever-changing sideshow—and therefore not lasting. Thrills become indifference in a blink. So in this new image, I thought I’d echo a time when escape was both thrilling and lingering. I emulated the kind of posters found in the 1920s, when the average person didn’t have as much for daily self-distraction, when days could blend together in a sameness of working just to have food and lodging, and when performers did things like escape from steel boxes to show people an important message—that however trapped you may feel, you can get out.

The secret: It’s all just an illusion. No one’s really trapped inside anything.

Overall, the message seems a good one for today.

Also, the image is a sneak peek at Theatre Xrisville, a video/art/music project that I’ve been quietly working on for the past five months or so, and which I’ll be rolling onto the web at the end of the summer.

I’ll make sure to let everyone here know about it first.

It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


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