Song From a Frozen Garage

Evermore Cover for WordPressOkay, the song is actually called “Evermore,” but I thought I’d title the video as a nod to what conditions were like while recording.

I wrote the song in about 10 minutes. It’s just me with an acoustic guitar, a microphone and two tracks of dry signal. (So I guess it was a lot like how I used to record in my basement as a kid.) With the brief return of winter, the studio was pretty frosty except for a bubble of warmth around an oil heater, where I sat for a few hours to produce music for some video footage I’d randomly shot in February, 2016, in Las Vegas. I also included a bit of footage shot at Rosewood Farm and on the road.

The overall dirt-lens look of this video comes courtesy of my smashing partner and fellow adventurer Mary Beth (who appears as the elusive woman in the video). I’d originally cut a simple sequence of clean black-and-white shots, and didn’t initially notice how jarring the effect was. Beth suggested transitional dissolves, as well as a graininess. So I overlaid the sequence with a long clip of film grain, as well as a static shot of a dirty screen, and I think the end result is pretty sweet. Beth also inspired the freeze-frame clips and image rotation for added effect.

The recording itself was done in two takes in about 20 minutes, and if the lyrics seem spotty in places, it’s because I’m just making up words as I go. These “scratch lyrics” are just to work out the flow, melody and rhyme scheme before I write proper lyrics and record the song again. So I guess this video is simply an unvarnished, day-in-the-life snapshot of what I like to do.




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