Bellagio (A Celebration of Female Power)

bellagio - xristopher bland - abm creative 2Digital stage backdrop blending images taken at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, original textures and hand-drawn graphics. As a celebration of women and their power, the image draws from a palette of deep yellows, gold, browns and sepia tones to lend the impression of something painted on a sandstone wall (perhaps in Egypt or Italy). The dual horses are a stylized working of a single horse statue set with mirror mosaic in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel. In creating a pair, I wanted to create the effect of horses drawing an unseen chariot. In front of the horses, I blended mirrored images of a statue photographed in the lobby of the Cirque theatre (Bellagio Hotel). Behind it all, I blended an original tree graphic against canvass layers before setting the central figure—a re-stylized graphic of my partner, fellow joy-seeker and love.

Though I chose the name Bellagio from the hotel by the same name in Vegas, I later found out that Bellagio is the name of an asteroid. Said another way, Bellagio is a moving force in the universe, and that seemed to better define what I was trying to capture in this image.


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