Half-World Concept Sketches

The Loaming CollageIf the winter cold has taught me anything, it’s taught me to sketch very quickly, as exampled here—three Half-World concept sketches pencilled in the Candy Factory over two mornings while huddled around a small electric heater, meaning yes. I did have a few moments when I felt like Bob Cratchit. So what’s the trade-off? Where other artists may suffer for their art, I don’t suffer so much in the cold as I just tend to go numb. And I might be one of the few artists to spend a portion of each year working in a parka, wool toque, two sweaters, doubled wool socks and winter boots with heater packs in the toes. So that seems pretty Canadian. 🙂

Copyright © 2016, Xristopher Bland for abmCreative. All rights reserved. Contact abmcreativeservices@gmail.com.


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