Red Tide

red tide abm creative xristopher blandI have to admit, it took me some time to see the hidden wonder of this outdoor art, installed along a walkway just west of Yonge Street between two condo buildings on King Street, Toronto. I was in town last fall to interview Dani Jean and Brendan DeLyzer of the band Mickey Loves Mallory for SMC magazine, and as I wandered in and around the display, I didn’t think much beyond the humorous impression that the walls looked a bit drunk in their droopiness. So I took a few photos and filed them away until a few days ago, when I finally realized what the artist had created. By standing at the right angle, the curled top edges of the piece resembled red waves, and in seeing how obvious that had been all along, I laughed at myself. As focused as I’d been on the interview that day in Toronto, I’d completely missed what had plainly been standing before me, and that was my reminder about life in general—that the beauty and wonder of life is always around us. All I had to do was never let the distractions and to-do lists of life so fog my lenses that I couldn’t see it.

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