Glimpses of Farland

farland abm creative fantasy landscapeAs 2016 takes its first breath, many people wonder what will arrive in the new year. Yet here in the Candy Factory Studio, I’ve already caught glimpses of what will arrive for me through a series of fantasy-landscape drawings that have been steadily pouring out of me since mid-December.

I believe the current was primed by two previous pieces: the floating-island Dream ad for the December issue of SMC magazine and the Vinyl Concept. As artwork combining hand-drawn fantasy-landscape elements with photos, the pieces were unlike anything I’d previously done. In each discovery of new technique, I found only a deeper interest in exploring what felt like a whole fantasy-realm river trying to burst out of me. So I decided to let it run at whatever depth and speed it wished, and in what seemed like a blink, seven fantasy-landscape drawings had appeared across my desk, with a stack of other half-completed drawings beside it.

As individual graphic elements that will eventually combine with green-screen photos for the most complicated fantasy landscape I’ve ever attempted, the drawings feel as if they’re coming from some place called Farland. So that’s what I’ll be calling them—and I say “them” because I have the distinct sense that many, many more landscapes are coming. I’m pretty excited about that, and I can’t wait to share them with you.
Happy First Day of the New Year, everyone! Here’s to your own new worlds, just waiting for you. Cheers.—Xris

Copyright © 2016, Xristopher Bland for abmCreative. All rights reserved. Contact


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