floating island II dream poster final abm creativeI thought I’d completely leave the ground behind in this second-ever floating island image, created as a background for an abmCreative ad in the upcoming December issue of Starlight Music Chronicles magazine. Similar to how I began my previous image, I began with a pencil drawing that was afterward inked, photographed and rendered as a transparent wire frame in Photoshop. Next, I sliced out individual white-space sections and masked each with a rock texture. Collecting them back into Photoshop on top of a solid black silhouette of the island, I began arranging grass and tree pieces. When arrangement and proportion looked right, I set the final assembly against a cloud background that had been filtered with accented lines and reduced in lighting with a flashlight effect.

Overall, the project was far more complex than my first floating-island outing. With so many pieces (below), there were moments when it all felt overwhelming. Yet in setting the bar higher for myself, I invented many new graphic techniques, and in seeing they but pointed to more expansion, I’m once again thrilled to see where this new road is taking me.

floating island pieces drawing board abm creative

The final SMC ad will include the abmCreative name and email address at the bottom, as well as the ad blurb, “Otherland graphix for the world that is you.” The single-word heading “Dream” was chosen to encourage everyone to visualize their own dreams and follow them. As a simple but vital message, I was inspired to offer this preview version of the ad with just the heading.

The entire floating-island image was created in 24 hours. All components are original, either drawn by hand or rendered silhouettes from original photographs.

Copyright © 2015, Xristopher Bland for abmCreative. All rights reserved. Contact abmcreativeservices@gmail.com.


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