A short portfolio reel spotlighting some of ABM’s graphics projects from May – November, 2015. Some of the work was produced for clients: track art, logos, stuff like that. Other images were independently created but picked up by websites. Still other images are track art from my own podcasts and ABM recordings on SoundCloud, while other images represent some of the incredible creative relationships I developed (e.g.writing music reviews and profiling artists for Starlight Music Chronicles). As but a slice of the many graphic projects I worked on over seven months (including a few favorite screen shots from the “Oh What a Concept” music video), I’m excited about what will come in 2016. Enjoy.


Please note: The graphic with the title “Imagination Filmworks” is not an ABM brand. As an image produced as an opening graphic for an Ontario film company, I set the image with the fictitious name Imagination Filmworks for client presentation and confidentiality.

Soundtrack: “Uplift,” Darko Saric. Licensed as a royalty-free soundtrack; adheres to all usage guidelines.

All images copyright © 2015, Xristopher Bland for abmCreative. All rights reserved. Contact abmcreativeservices@gmail.com.


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