A Short History of X

xrisville history cover mix 1BIn 2010, I embarked on a four-year adventure in writing and self-publishing called Xrisville, a humor magazine blending satire, parody, social commentary and a great deal of material so out there as to be unclassified. Critically successful within a wide demographic, the magazine was much like a rock band in how it was distributed and by the contributions of so many talented writers, and eventually spread to countries beyond its initial distribution in Ontario. In 2014, I shut the magazine down for a variety of reasons but never felt I’d given Xrisville a proper send-off. So today I began culling through my rather massive database of Xrisville material and began playing around with new images like this one—a possible opening image for a video to remember and say thanks to what remains as one of the best experiences of my life and helped shape a style of writing that I continue to practice today.


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