The Mantis: Nature’s Perfect Model

praying mantis abm creativeIf you’re looking for the perfect model for your next photo shoot, you may wish to consider the praying mantis.

I’d never encountered one in all my time at Rosewood. So when I saw a light green creature sitting on the white hood of my car, a few moments actually passed before I made the identification. Hurrying back to the trailer, I quickly grabbed my camera and ran back before the creature scrambled off. Then I laughed at myself. Where wildlife photography generally involves working quickly within a window of a few seconds before a subject bird or chipmunk darts away, I’d forgotten that mantises are known for sitting pose-perfect for long stretches of time. As such, it was nice to have the time to try different angles and settings, all while the mantis sat motionless and seemingly at ease against a perfectly white background easily removed afterward with but a few clicks.

Please note: While mantises earned the name “praying mantises” for their folded forearms, mantises have no religious affiliation other than being perfectly in tune with Mama Nature, and were considered supernatural by the people of ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations.


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