Into the Wild (Music Video Still Image)

Into the Wild 3Okay, I may have developed a butterfly problem, but I guess it’s understandable. With such a proliferation of butterflies across the woodlands this year, I couldn’t help incorporating footage into my music video/art project, where it became a thematic element within the storyline of images.

This image, I suppose, is the reverse of “Wings Against the Wall” (posted July 19th). Originally shot as a video clip of me standing atop a large rock at Rosewood, the clip didn’t turn out to be that interesting, since I was just standing there with my arms spread. It was basically a static shot. So I treated it that way. Saving out a freeze frame from Elements, I dropped the image into Photoshop and worked five layers for a final image that appears for about two seconds on screen in the final video.

The wings themselves (the same as those used in “Wings Against the Wall”) were overlaid and blended with portions of an original, hand-drawn graphic. The orange sky and sun are from a sunset at Rosewood, where the distant smoke of British Columbia fires had tinged everything with a surreal hue. The overall red-orange hue of the image was to lend the sense of the sun burning everything away and thereby offering renewal or change.

The title of the image is a direct lift from director Sean Penn’s 2007 film by the same name—a dramatization of the life of Christopher McCandless and his last days alone in the Alaskan wilderness.


“Into the Wild” copyright © 2015, Xristopher Bland for ABM Creative. All rights reserved. Contact


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