The Lady of the Crystal Cave (Music Video Screen Capture)

Lady of the Crystal Cave Final 3Ancient peoples saw caves not as dark, dank places but as entrances to strange and magical underworlds. So I decided to emulate this in a brief segment of a music video project for an overall fantasy-themed work.

Though the segment only runs for about six seconds, the work took an entire day working with both Photoshop and Elements, and involved so many photographic components, blending techniques and color adjustments that it would take a feature-length article to detail them all. Yet for all the complexities and time, I find such immersion to be quite Zen.

The “script” for the segment was a lyric: “Forlorn, sweet Lady Anne’s seen the setting of the sun / she waits in harmony until it’s time to run.” As a central figure in the project, the image of the Lady began with a photo of my partner Mary Beth, who appears throughout the entire project as the ethereal spirit whom the main character is seeking. The final image (a complex overlay) took almost half the day, and ghosts in and out of the segment.

I can’t thank Beth enough for her support, participation and encouragement. In beginning this project, I didn’t start out to promote an original song. (I just happened to have it sitting around.) I began with the idea of developing techniques to create something like moving artwork—rich and colorful images that anyone could create without the complex and expensive process of shooting against green screen. If I’ve made any inroads into a new way of creating moving images, I have Beth to thank forever and undyingly as the one who’s repeatedly kept me in the right place when the pragmatism of the world feels like a dominating invasion force against which my inspirations seem but folly.

This image copyright © 2015, Xristopher Bland for ABM Creative. All rights reserved. Contact


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