Sky Castle Spirit (Music Video Screen Capture)

Sky Castle SpiritIf walking without a safety net is how some of us feel some days, it was very much a reality in this screen capture from the middle section of my current music/art video project. In a segment shot over two days at the mill ruins at Rockwood Conservation Area, the main character (me) searches for an elusive, ethereal female figure (my intrepid partner, Mary Beth). The height of the segment features the characters walking high along the narrow walls of what seems like a ruined castle, and it’s difficult to realize in some of the shots, but the walls are pretty far from the ground in places and footing could be tricky. Without any sort of safety gear, it felt loony and dangerous at times (meaning I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone). So in tremendous thanks and admiration, I thought I’d post this screen capture today not only as another slice of a video project but as tribute to Beth for walking way past the boundaries of comfort in the name of art. If the middle section of the video could be dubbed “sky castle,” she’s definitely the spirit who lives there.

The shot involves three main layers, with the blue sky of the base shot keyed out for a darkish green sky hue. (I also set subtle metallic tinges.) Beneath that, I set two additional video layers: a shot taken through the bottom of a glass measuring cup spinning around in a sunlit room and a pan shot of a threshing blade. When the clip runs, it’s as if a celestial orb and ghost of a creature are passing before the lens, which itself pans from left to right for a short but visually engaging clip.


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