A Hard Day’s Zombie (Music Video Concept Art)

Zombie Collage WatermarkedThis music-video concept art resulted from one thing simply leading to another. A week or so ago, I began playing around with two apps—Pixl-o-matic and XnRetro—while groggily greeting the dawn at Rosewood, meaning the basic expression in each of the inset collage images is my half-awake-waiting-for-the-coffee-to-kick-in face. Seeing how the untreated images understandably looked sort of zombie-ish, I started dialing up dark filter choices to intentionally make the images darker and grittier. Back at home, I was working on a separate piece—a sort-of magic mirror with which to frame some video footage—when I decided to slip a zombie-face collage behind it, and I liked how the two came together. I called the image A Hard Day’s Zombie after the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night album, which features head shots assembled in a similar grid pattern.

Note: The crows set to each side of the image are the only borrowed elements (albeit colored and treated by me) , downloaded as copyright-free artwork and adhering to all usage guidelines.


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