Wings Against the Wall

watermarked wingsIt can be a terrible feeling—when you’re backed against some wall, when the way forward stands framed only in that you must go that way. It’s a place where once-confident choices can return regrettably and where the sun can be sour. If all of us have been against that wall at least once and have come away with what we chose to carry, I think of the caterpillar this day as the wall against my own back feels thick and close. I remember the truth inside the caterpillar—that it’s a butterfly, that it must be, and though its life is short, it would be a wasted one if that caterpillar stood there and berated itself for not being a swan or serpent. So I chose to reflect this in a few seconds of video footage from a current project—that in the spreading of one’s wings at some seemingly dead-end or insurmountable place, it may be that one must, because there was never any option that one wouldn’t, perhaps unnoticed, perhaps forgotten, perhaps transcendently in the fullest realization of truth.


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