The Sound of Everyone

The Sound of Everyone - Cover Art 6

The Sound of Everyone (ABM/SoundCloud/SMC)

On a rainy June night in 2015, I was headed toward my building in downtown Rockwood, Ont., when I heard the muted sounds of a musician giving a performance in the local park gazebo. Taking a seat beneath an overhang on the fire escape, I listened as he played to a small, intrepid audience. Something about the performance touched me deeply, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until the next day while writing a music review for the Starlight Music Chronicles. As my thoughts unfolded, I suddenly understood why the experience had been so affecting, and after firstly setting my thoughts down in the form of a narrative article, I was thrilled when SMC asked me to record the piece. As a general encapsulation of what makes all music great, I believe the piece equally captures the best of us as a global people who can look past so-called limitations like rain and motivations linked to notoriety and simply strum the resonant strings of life to those who choose to listen.

Recorded at the Candy Factory Studios. Royalty-free soundtrack: “Memories” from Freeplay music.


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