Rockanon (Band Graphic – Concept Art)

Rockanon Final mixdown 9Having toyed with the darker, more industrial elements of tone and texture the other day, I thought I’d return to the idea in this rock-band banner graphic (not to dimension). With myself as the test subject behind a set of drums, I slipped on the classic Guy Fawkes mask (featured in yesterday’s concept art), flipped a hood around it and shot a few minutes of video. Sifting through the footage, I saved out a dozen or so frames before layering three. Setting all to black and white, I set each with cyan filtering and ramped up saturation levels before tweaking opacities, sharpness and textures. Lastly, I overlaid the layers with a macro shot of vacuum tubes from an old radio before reducing opacity to have the tubes resemble stains. Then I intentionally ramped up noise levels and cropped the piece so the edges of layers were ragged and raw.

While somewhat cleaner than yesterday’s experiment, the image conveys much more motion with the offset layers shadowing one another, and overall, I think the image captures an essence of defiance while celebrating the spirit of the unknown band, out there in a garage somewhere, playing loud and playing proudly. In honor of those anonymous rock bands, I called this experiment Rockanon.


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