Burn Elements (Promotional Image)

the henrys quiet industry abm creative servicesFor the most part, artwork results from inspiration and diligent craftwork. Yet once in a while, the meandering path of boredom can have surprising results. Case in point: While rendering a promotional video for the Henrys’ 2015 album Quiet Industry, I had little to do but twiddle my thumbs as the progress bar achingly inched along. Out of boredom, I took my camera and shot the editing window of Premiere Elements (or, the “Elements” in the name Burn Elements). Sorting through other screen captures from the video, as well as my own folders of textures, I dragged everything into Photoshop to begin playing with layers, opacities and color adjustments. Importing a resulting PNG into Microsoft PhotoDraw (an excellent program for stark contrast adjustments and unique textural settings), I returned a second PNG into Photoshop to finish the image off with the kind of burnt, industrial feel I’d lent to the Henrys’ video. The whole thing took about a half hour, and while it’s an unknown whether the image will find its way into the final promotional mix, I was happy that I’d become bored that day.


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