Have Yourself an Explosion of Color

howirolled7If the latter half of 2014 was anything for me, it was an explosion of creativity. From a fairly tightly focused concentration on graphic design through the summer, creations seemed to go in all directions at once when I began Digital Media studies in the fall at Conestoga College and began Photoshop, Illustrator, web authoring, audio and video production and more, and there were times when it left me feeling bewildered and fragmented. As one used to planning, pace and envisioning outcomes for a project before beginning, it was often like holding onto a carousel that was determined to fling me into the hills, and within the whirl, moments of feeling directionless and lost were almost dismaying in their thickness. Yet as I gathered together a collection of material I’d created within the maelstrom, I saw it beautifully for what it was–an explosion of color that, in the end, left me laughing at what dismay I’d felt and feeling extremely grateful for the chance to be one small colorburst in a world where perhaps sheer color and expression is reason enough for any of us to do it in however creation has been gifted to us. Have a fantastic New Year, everyone. Here’s to all of us exploding with color in 2015 and beyond.


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