Café Flyer Cover (Freehand Graphic)

xristopher bland fictitious cafe flyerIn approaching my last project in the Photoshop module at Conestoga College, I decided to create the cover of a promotional flyer. Setting an initial blank template with a color-fill adjustment layer set to a warm yellow hue, I overlaid this layer with a macro shot of a flower and played with opacity levels until I achieved an overall background subtly rich in greens, yellows and rose. I wanted the overall effect on the background to speak of vitality, growth and new things. With a new scan of a freehand graphic I’d rendered earlier in the summer, I first created a solid black silhouette and set it with a clipping mask of an original orange texture (further sharpened and filtered to lend the appearance of orange stone). Over top of this, I set a new layer with a transparent black line drawing of the graphic and set it with a clipping mask of a stylized photo of water. Then I affected this new layer with a black outline drop shadow for a three-dimensional appearance.

In terms of techniques that personally appeal to me and lend realms of future exploration in tandem with the style of graphics I create, I found this project to be richly rewarding (and think the flyer looks pretty good, to boot).


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