What Photoshop Reminded Me About Life (Conestoga College Photo Restoration Project)

xristopher bland conestoga college photo restoration projectIn hitting the ground running on my first week back to college after many years, I admittedly did so with the wobbliest of feet. Although I’d had plenty of experience with a variety of digital-media products, I hadn’t really worked with Photoshop to any great degree, and as the opening course of Conestoga College’s Digital Media program came on with the speed of an over-enthusiastic, coffee-saturated intern bent on corporate notice, I soon found myself awkwardly clicking away like someone who’d just bought his first computer. It was humbling, to be sure, and as one of the older students at Conestoga, I soon found myself asking, “Am I no longer computer-savvy? Have I lost it?” The question lingered, but with the many Photoshop techniques I learned that first week, I learned how to repair and restore old photographs (exampled here), and in doing so, I learned that nothing is ever so lost or of ill-repair that it can’t be brought back. It was something I could carry assuredly, and I could completely see the job of image restoration as one to which someone would head off excitedly each day.


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