What I Was Recently Reminded About Inspiration

Last March, I began the lengthy application process for Second Career in order to upgrade my skills. Yesterday in Kitchener, the MTCU signed the final approvals. Beginning Sept. 29th, I’ll begin 24 weeks of full-time study as a Digital Media student at Conestoga College in Waterloo, where (among much) I’ll study Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, HTML, interface design, graphic design and typography, Flash and web intractivity, web authoring and video and audio production. I’m nervous and excited about it all, but more than this, I’m immensely grateful, not just for being one who managed to meet Second Career’s many requirements (and secure entrance to Conestoga through a portfolio showing of my visual, design and audio work, much of which is featured on this site) but for the guidance and support of my partner and fellow joy-seeker, Mary Beth, as I walk forward on this previously unimagined path. I’m also grateful that I followed inspiration and began self-publishing Xrisville humor magazine. All that writing and design work really tipped the Conestoga scales in my favor and reminded me to always follow inspiration, even if it initially doesn’t appear as if it’s headed anywhere. You just never know how something will ultimately serve or when it will reveal its purpose.


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