The Keyboard Fish (Freehand Graphic)

keyboard fish collage pic 3The Keyboard Fish may sound like an odd name for a graphic but it reflects how the drawing came about. While noodling around on my keyboard one afternoon, I suddenly stopped in mid-chord and thought, “I should draw a stylized picture of a fish.” That’s how ideas commonly come to me. One minute, I’m doing something completely unconnected to drawing. The next minute, some image swims into my mind and I’m penciling across a page.

The completed, inked drawing was scanned and dropped into Paint.NET and Microsoft PhotoDraw for cleanup, then saved out in several forms to provide a silhouette, against which was applied a stylized stone texture actually taken from a macro photograph of a Buddhist prayer horn. A black wire-frame version of the fish was overlaid on the first and roughly outlined again in black to lend the image depth, as if it too had been carved from stone. Everything was then set against another stone texture (ironically taken from a photograph of wood) and set with a light drop shadow to add some additional depth and bring the graphic to the forefront.

I always enjoy disparate elements, which tend to lend images a curiosity value. In this case, a fish against stone texture (versus some aquatic element) lends the disparity.


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