Sunrise Dragonfly (Freehand Graphic)

prayer horn 3In 2012 as part of a welcoming sign on the path connecting Rosewood Farm to my stepfather’s adjacent farm, I rendered a wire-frame drawing of a dragonfly and intentionally kept the lines and proportions rough for a bold hand-drawn appearance (which seemed to be in keeping with a country feel). Then I inked the image in black, yellow and orange on a wooden sign. Some years later, I scanned the original drawing and laid it under with a macro photograph of a brass prayer horn that, by its many pits and scratches, had obviously seen something of the world. Outlining the finished image in more rough black lines to lend it a chiseled appearance, I overlaid the image on a clean version of the brass horn and worked with color-amplification and contrast settings to lend the dragonfly the appearance of some creature in a strange half world—appearing to both be flying before the setting sun and resting as an image etched into some odd fire-colored stone.


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